Social wifi for next generation restaurant newsletters

Social WiFi, big data, social media, and a newsletter??

Screenshot_66Social wifi, big data, and social media all seem to be the current buzz words, but what do these have to do with a restaurant email newsletter? Restaurant marketing services are making big moves with these technologies. 

Social Wifi is the foundation of this powerful marketing solution, but the three strategies combined will have more people coming to your restaurant than you can handle.

Social Wifi also known as wifi marketing or wifi proximity marketing collects opt-in emails or social media login in exchange for free wifi. With sky high data plan rates, and the fact most individuals have anywhere from 1 to 3 devices connecting to wifi at any given time alllows for opt-in email collection at a rapid rate.

With the social media login through Facebook restaurant owners are able to get basic profile data such as email address, gender, number of times a user has logged in, etc.

This is where the big data comes in, by sending targeted messaging your conversion rates (the rate in which it take a customer to come back and purchase at your restaurant) increase at rapid rates.

Many restaurant marketing services acknowledge the marketing message you would send a person that is under the age of 21 is completely different than a marketing message that you would send to a male over the legally drinking age of 21. Big data allows us to find out what your customers are interested in and allows us to market to them in an engaging fashion. 

Finally social media is redirecting users to your social channels through your splash page makes feeling, posting, following, and checking-in to your venue simple and friction-less, which can end in a much bigger social presence and a lot of advocates your restaurant.

Social Wi-Fi Rewards Loyalty, when you send your weekly, monthly, or quarterly restaurant email newsletter make sure your best customers feel rewarded, the customers you haven’t seen in some time a sense of urgency to come back, this can be in the form of a coupon, limited time offer, or promotion.

Wifi proximity marketing will basically double as a loyalty program for your business, keeping track of your best customers, and identifies the way the customer usually visits. It is easier to sell to your current customers than it is to find new ones. Use Social-Wifi and wifi-marketing to keep those restaurant customers coming back. There has never been an easier way to do this than with the wifi marketing of today. Whether you are promoting your restaurant yourself or hiring a restaurant marketing service. Wifi proximity marketing is easy enough for the average Joe, but can be complex enough for a seasoned data scientist. 
In conclusion, exceed restaurant goers expectations by rewarding them for his or her patronage you will not only have a great email newsletter, but a great customer for life.

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