The weather is changing, and in many parts of the country this means that it is getting much colder. Likewise, many people turn to indoor activities to spend their time. One of the choice places to for consumer foot traffic in the colder seasons, are bowling alleys.

For bowling alleys, this means a 17% foot traffic increase according to our research at This makes marketing during winter months key. The increase in foot traffic is not surprising, seeing that many people opt for the comfort of a heated building. Plus, they’re still getting a good amount of exercise and having fun.

Weather Change Brings More Interest In Indoor Activities

As the weather gets chilly, many folks turn their thoughts to indoor activities, and a bowling alley is a perfect option for a few reasons:

● Family friendly. Looking for something fun? Bowling is the perfect family friendly activity for cold winter months. Cheap, easy, fun, and no one cares about the noise.

● Casual. No need to dress up. Bowling is perfect for those looking for something fun to do that doesn’t require special clothing.

● Good Exercise. Bowling requires more strength than it looks like at first, and while it can be taken easy it’s also a great form of indoor exercise.

● Sheltered. Since bowling is an indoor sport it takes away the stress of having to plan and dress for the weather, making it an easy and ideal recreation, away from the wind, snow, or rain.

Bowling alleys have a great draw toward people looking for a sport. Likewise, it makes a great indoor alternative to active outside sports.

Increase In Foot Traffic Seen Mainly In Warmer Climates

Per our research, while the 17% uptick is seen in many demographics it is especially seen in the warmer climates. This is because there are not so many winter sports available. As the weather chills in the warmer areas many times it’s too cold to be outdoors, but maybe not cold enough for snow (taking most winter sports out of the picture).

Why Bowling Alleys Should Increase Marketing During Winter Months

This is why it only makes sense that bowling alleys should make an effort to leverage their marketing during the winter months. Highlighting the benefits and enjoyment to be gained from spending time inside, and the reasons why it’s entertaining. It helps if businesses are able to list the reasons why bowling compares favorably to other indoor activities, such as rock climbing and trampoline parks. Another way to help marketing during the winter months is for bowling alleys to create special discounts or deals, or create nights that center around some current holiday theme.

In conclusion, bowling seems to be, according to statistics, a great winter activity to do on one’s own, or with friends or family. For bowling alleys, they should take advantage of the increase in interest, and make sure that they are marketing accordingly during the cooler weather months.

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