In today’s world, most people never leave their door without at least one mobile device at their fingertips. Many times it is more than one. Once out and about if they make a stop they plan on using that device. And, rather than continue to use up their precious data, they often look for a play that has free wi-fi to connect to, especially at a restaurant, coffee shop, or a salon, where they are planning to spend a longer length of time.

That is why it is no longer optimal to have your WiFi password protected. In our digital age, offering free wi-fi is an important and vital part of digital marketing and drawing in customers. However, allowing your customers to have access to your wi-fi doesn’t have to be entirely unselfish on your part, and you can use it as a valuable business tool and resource. Did you know that you have access to important statistics, getting feedback, and learning so much about your customer behavior patterns, all through your guest WiFi?

That’s right. With something so simple as offering free wi-fi you can get positive reviews, which, let’s be honest, in the age of digital marketing it is vital for any business, especially one in the food industry, to have a lot of positive reviews online.

Okay, so let’s take a closer look:

How can you benefit from increased customer satisfaction by offering wi-fi at your establishment?

● First off, make sure that they know YOU are the one providing the wi-fi. Before logging in, have the user open a browser and accept your wi-fi policy (which is there to prevent you from any legal issues) and have the default page take them to your business homepage. That’s a quick and easy way to make sure that customers know that you are the one providing them with wi-fi.

● Create a reward system. Everyone loves a good deal, whether it’s a free meal, drink, or discount, getting something for less is always exciting. Use your wi-fi as a reward system, with, let’s say over ten logins to your wi-fi they get a special deal. It’s basically a loyalty or punch card without all the work and hassle of keeping track of something physical.

● You can track your visitors. You can keep track of how many users have logged into and used your wi-fi. Better than looking at sales, because you can see how many people have been active, visiting your business, while at the same time they only bought a cup of coffee.

● Don’t be shy. You need to connect with people in order to get feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for their email addresses to send them promotional deals, let them know of what’s new on the menu or about an exciting event going on next week.

● Also, ask for feedback. Maybe something along the lines of, “Do you mind quickly letting us know what you thought of your visit?”. You need that feedback and those reviews to get positive search engine rankings and let people know about how great your business is!

The Key to Growing Your Offline Business

Using wi-fi is a great way to make your customers happier and more satisfied with their visit. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as a tool for digital marketing as well. By using it to create a better experience and encourage returning customers (the goal of any company or business) you have discovered the key to building a better business.