2020 is the year for people to up their game in the email marketing arena. Those who want to be relevant with their clients need to make a point of focusing on the most popular and effective marketing tools, one of which is email.

      The days of cold calling and paid ads are fading quickly. Consequently, they could soon fall into the status of relics. Business has become a relationship game. Now, the best ways to build these relationships is through easy, personal messaging.

      Why Email Marketing Works

      These days marketing happens on a large scale through social media and emails. The reason email marketing is so effective is due to the ability that it has to very simply deliver a message to as many people as necessary.

      Most people know that in order to build a client base, they need to be seen and available. Email offers a way to be both.

      Why Trends Are Key

      As email marketing grows in popularity and usage, it will become harder for email campaigns to be noticed. When a customer’s inbox is jammed with different businesses vying for their attention, it is imperative that an email utilizes tools that make it competitive.

      So, the following trends will help an email to stand out from old, generic emails. It makes sure the email is relevant, attractive, and effective. And makes it something that customers will be compelled to open and get involved with.

      Email Marketing Trends That Undeniably Make The Difference

      Make it Work for Mobile

      Over half of emails are opened on mobile devices and that number is just expected to rise. That means that in order for an email to be opened and read by over half of one’s customer base, the email must be optimized for mobile devices. This means paying attention to an email’s length, aesthetic, organization, and other details that are necessary for mobile accessibility.

      Make it Relevant

      Email campaigns make it possible to send out many different emails to various people. Campaigns can be set to focus on location, age, and other specific, defining details that make the email relevant to its recipient.

      Another way to make an email relevant is by giving it a personal touch. For instance, include a customer’s name, include their preferences, or send a celebratory message with a promotion.

Email marketing trends for 2020

     Make Email Design Pleasing to the Eye

      With the popularity of image-based social media, meme sharing, and web design, the advent of emails that are not just focused on text has begun. Consequently, designing the looks of an email is just as important as writing catchy, story-based text.

      Making the email visually engaging through photos, graphics, and great design will lead to a well-received, successful email. When looking at design, it’s vital to make sure it is mobile-friendly, as well.

      Make it Engaging

      When something is engaging, it becomes more visible. It’s as if it were a flashing green light in a row of red ones. Engagement makes an email stand out from the rest, while also making it enjoyable and easy to respond to.

      Ways that one can make an email engage a reader is to add GIFS or videos, forms that can be filled out in the inbox, an email search box, a way to purchase straight from the email, and simple ways to share content on social media platforms.

     Make it Story-Based

      An appeal to the emotions inside each person does wonders for building loyalty to a brand. Also, today’s consumer makes intentional choices about who and what they support, which makes reaching their emotions very important.

      Using story-based text in an email creates a connection between the brand and the reader. Likewise, an email that tells a story, walks the reader down a path and answers the age-old question of “why,” ends up being loved and garners a strong positive response.

     As we draw to a close

      Email marketing is one of the top ways to gain clients and build connections in your restaurant marketing endeavors. So, following the trends of the year will make sure that an email stands out in an inbox that continues to be filled.