Plug & Play

Configure quickly and easily, no coding neccesary!


Live Analytics

Realtime data through our dashboard and our API!



MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and more!


White Label

Completely your brand, your logo, and your domain!


Developer API

Access your data freely, for custom applications!


Custom Logins

Facebook, e-mail, phone, passcode and more!

Timed Marketing Messages

Create it, set it and forget it – automate marketing campaigns for your clients.

Timed marketing messages that are proven to bring customers back, add additional revenue, and grow your business. Perfect for retail and restaurant marketing.

Email Marketing, Text/Picture Messaging, Constant Contact, AWeber, Mailchimp, Webhooks and more!

 Deploy & Manage Multiple Access Points

Simplify your management process by providing a dashboard for users to take action. 100% cloud managed.

Easy Splash Page Customization

Configurable system allows you to modify what is right for your company. Control options such as data allowance, time allowance, SSID, and all content.

Redirect visitors after login, create custom captive portal advertisements and even more!

Powerful Data Collection

Toggle on and off the data you want to collect. Gather phone numbers for your next SMS campaign, or gather Birthday data for birthday club.

Even create your own custom data collection fields!

More Great Features


Timed Marketing Messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages that bring customers back.


Easy to Customize

Customize everything from splash page, data allowance, wifi time allowance, SSID, and more remotely.


Grow Your Marketing Lists

Put marketing lists on auto-pilot with accurate Facebook data, email and phone numbers from opt-in engagement.


Export with Ease

Export your valuable data at any time. File formats available for export include: MS-Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, TXT, SQL


Grow Social Media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, website, or other promotional content for engagement optimization.


Set It and Forget It

Set Gazella up in minutes. No on-going work or up-keep required. Integrates with your current systems for full optimization.

Page Example

You have full ability to add what you want, when you want.

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