The purpose of this article is not to separate social wifi from wifi marketing. It is intended to help you understand the difference between the terminology and their components. Social wifi is an important piece of an overall marketing plan. Wifi marketing incorporates more than just social wifi. You could say the social aspect is part of the marketing plan, but they can also act independently of each other. Simply put, when combined, they become a powerful tool for restaurants in this modern age.

The End Goal

Both social wifi and wifi marketing have specific goals in mind. In particular, social wifi simply connects your restaurant’s social media accounts with customers. It also opens up the possibility of collecting specific demographics on your visitors that is useful in establishing a larger marketing strategy. Wifi marketing, on the other hand, does not dead end with just social media. It is a living, breathing approach to capturing the attention of customers using several mediums and methods.

The Driver’s Seat

When considering how you want to interact with your customers, it is important to know that social wifi does not necessarily put you in the driver’s seat. It is a more passive approach to marketing. Wifi marketing, on the other hand, gives you the control over when and how you communicate with customers. It is a tool that allows you to push messages to customers based on certain conditions either set beforehand.

WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi

The Individual Effect

However, social wifi will often be more interactive, depending on how assertive and proactive you are with your restaurant marketing. Social media is naturally a place to comment, like or share ideas or promotions, therefore it has a stronger effect on the individual than most methods of marketing. It is also unobtrusive since customers control what they interact with. But, as we said, not being in the driver’s seat can be a disadvantage when trying to reach a larger spectrum of people. Wifi marketing should include a social component since it is the most prominent and successful medium today.

The Response Factor

Your wifi marketing can elicit a response if done with a proactive mindset. Meaning, if you create messages that persuade customers to interact, then wifi marketing is just as effective as social media marketing. Of course, the likelihood of response in social media is much higher than, for example, email. One example of content that can be pushed through email or social media that elicits strong responses today is video. Your goal, as an owner, is to keep your restaurant in the forefront of customers’ minds through interaction, quality content, and responsive marketing techniques.

The Interaction Meter

Responsive marketing techniques help with creating an ongoing interaction with your customers and potential new diners. It drives conversation between peers that pushes word of mouth advertising to its highest point. Social wifi is ripe for interaction, especially to those accustomed to its use. Wifi is more likely to be one-way communication and, therefore, should use more of a persuasion approach.

Both of these experiences with wifi, whether in a social or a marketing encounter, are an important part of overall restaurant marketing strategies. If you want to learn more about how wifi marketing can be enabled in your restaurant, contact us for a FREE Demo today!

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