The program of training and nutrition on the landscape of Theseus Oftop at TJ

The program of training and nutrition on the relief of "These" – Oftop on TJ

The main principle: the crossing of classical strength training Swimming pools construction – bodybuilding steroids beginners – swimming pools construction nandrolone decanoate (deca) training version and chin options – bodybuilding-advertisements. and interval high-intensity training.

warm up, stretching – 10 minutes

Deadlift 2 warm-up approach, 3 workers 6 times.

classic tabata push ups

Do Bananas Cause Weight Gain or Help With Weight Loss?

classic tabata squats

Arm press, sitting 2 warming up, 3 workers 6 times.

hitch – 10 minutes


warm up, stretching – 10 minutes

Mahi weight for 10 times, immediately after 10 burpi – such circles 5 with a rest of 45-60 seconds.

wring out on the uneven bars a maximum of times. 4 working approaches. Rest between sets for 3-4 minutes.

Press 3 approaches twisting or lifting legs 30 times

Hyperextensions 3 sets of 20 times (without weight, slowly and under control)

hitch – 10 minutes


Running 5 km or swimming 2 km.

Nutrition for muscle relief

The diet is more important than the training process in the context of drying. In addition to a calorie deficit, keep an eye on the nutrients and vitamins you need. Pay attention to the squirrel. Muscle fibers are made up of proteins, and against the background of an energy deficit are consumed and updated. A lack of protein will deprive you of gaining muscle mass, as a result of which drying will turn into an ordinary weight loss.

The protein norm is not 2-3-4-5 grams per kilogram of body weight. Such amateurish recommendations will not give the desired result. The amount of protein is calculated from the total daily calories. On drying, the standard ratio of nutrients can be as follows:

Protein: 20-25%

Weight Loss Obstacles – Motivation, Tips, Strategies

Fat: 20-25%

Carbohydrates: 50-60%

An exception is the use of a specialized nutritional regimen, for example, a ketogenic diet.

10% of the deficit is subtracted from the total daily calories, and then dragon pharma steroids proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are calculated from it.

Keep track of nutrient sources. Protein dishes differ amino acid value. The quality of the muscles you save will depend on it. Junk food contrary to stereotypes are allowed to use 1-2 times a week. Sweets, pizza, and even carbonated drinks are permissible, but only in limited quantities and with accurate calorie counts Dumbbell exercises for advanced athletes.

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Make a cheat-mil for 400 kcal once a week, or two cheat-milas 2 times a week for 200 kcal. This method will relieve the central nervous system and will help to more easily endure a constant energy deficit against the background of power loads.

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Diet for muscle relief

The Theseus training program is combined with popular nutritional schemes:

Paleo diet

Positioned as a low-carb, no cheat-mil. Unlike the classic low-carb, fruits are allowed. The scheme is suitable for those who like strict control and quick results. Dairy products are excluded, which removes water from the body and does not lead to puffiness. Read more about the paleo diet in another article.

Ketogenic diet

A diet without carbohydrates with a high content of proteins and fats. It is combined with strength training, but at first it will be difficult to give high-interval training. We recommend that you enter the ketone diet mode in advance, and after 2-3 weeks, start training according to the Theseus program.

Low carbohydrate diet and carbohydrate alternation

Emphasis must be placed on proteins that replace the lion’s share of carbohydrates. Without sports nutrition (protein complexes), this is difficult to do, so the diet will not work for those who are not ready to spend money on supplements. Cons: broken feeling in the first two weeks, the deterioration of mental activity at first and a decrease in strength endurance.

We recommend the use of alternating carbohydrates, with a carbohydrate day before Friday. This will dramatically increase endurance on the day of the training.

Standard diet

It is not necessary to use these power schemes. The best diet for weight loss and drying is the one that you can stick to for the longest time. A standard set of products is also suitable for this purpose.

Concentrate on counting calories and nutrient sources, rather than finding a “magic” diet. The power scheme is a tool. It speeds up getting results, but the foundation is calorie deficiency and power loads to save muscles.

Visual menu for muscle relief


1-2 hard-boiled eggs

Portion of oatmeal / slice of non-white bread

medium-fat cheese or butter over Malware on Steroids – Part 1: Simple CMD Reverse Shell – Checkmate clem steroid evoke pharma and eversana launch social media campaign for gimoti® nasal spray 85%

Do This One Thing Every Morning To Jump start Weight Loss! – Healthy Food House

fruit to choose from


main carbohydrate intake

preferably cereal or pasta durum

some protein

vegetables as a source of fiber and vitamins

Lemonade Diet – Proven Diet For Weight Loss & Cleansing

Afternoon tea

some fruit Squats: how to do and analyze the best exercise for the legs eminence labs steroids bodybuilder women sex videos bodybuilding mature women at apts-for-youcom. or cheat mil


main protein intake, preferably eggs or meat

the remaining carbohydrates


If you do not eat breakfast, then the calories should be evenly distributed for lunch and Bench press with standing chest (army bench) technique according to Fit School dinner.

Portions and the number of grams of products are selected individually and calculated on the basis of daily calories with a ratio of nutrients.

It is possible to save the accumulated muscle volumes and at the same time lose only the fat layer without pharmacological preparations and exhausting hunger strikes. Moderate calorie deficit – 10% of total daily sustaplex 250 calories. Every 2-3 weeks in the absence of progress, reduce the figure by another 5-10%. Thus, your daily calorie count will correspond to your current weight. However, in no case do not fall below the critical mark: 1500 for women, 1600 for men. Reduce daily calories not immediately. For a start, increase physical activity, and only then look towards the calorie content.

The training program is designed so that you do not lose muscle fibers. Interval trainings improve strength endurance and, just as important, remove the monotony of classical training with free weights. On Saturday, unloading in the form of cardio. We recommend you swimming. Such physical activity does not burden the back, relaxes the central nervous system, does not harm the articular-ligamentous apparatus, and at the same time develops aerobic endurance.

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